• Jul 06

    Wednesday Musings – Founders, AGGTM, and App Changes.


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there kids!

      I hope that this blog finds you well. I’m here at the studio trying to wake up – sucking down Diet Mountain Dew or “diet mtn Dew” as it’s stylized on the bottle – attempting to wake up.

      I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to stick with this but I thought it might be kind of nice if I gave you guys a peek behind the scenes and an update week to week on things that might …

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    • Jul 04

      Tom and Dan – “Tribute to America” at Baywash Bikini Carwash


      Annoy Your Friends

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      • Jul 02

        Show #373 – Ticket FAIL


        Annoy Your Friends


          No show is going to be absolutely perfect and just when you think that you’ve hit your stride – “SH*T HAPPENS.” Although we know that many of you will enjoy today’s show – Tom and I were less than impressed. It was a perfect case of just trying to squeeze WAY too much into one show. We had Seth, we had guests, we had an Indian princess, we had a ticket challenge, we had emails, we had news, we had …

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        • Jun 28

          ALL NEW “Mediocre Toons!”


          Annoy Your Friends


            Tom and Dan Toons! – Season #3 – Episode #1 – “Pilot” 

            Tom and Dan Toons! – Season #3 – Episode #2 – “Billy Jean and Billy Dean” 

            Thanks to the amazing Swervey Jones for the NOW season 3 of “Mediocre Toons!” Can you believe it! You can start from the beginning and see all of them by using the YouTube link at TomandDan.com – but here are the 2 latest episodes. We think …

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          • Jun 25

            Show #372 – Dr. Unky VS Erik Weber


            Annoy Your Friends

              Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.36.24 AM

              Hey there gang!

              Thanks to everyone who either caught the show LIVE yesterday on TomandDan.com or the new “Tom and Dan Mediocre App – and to all of you who download! I can honestly say that yesterday was one of the most fun days that we’ve had in a really, really, really long time! Now – with that said – it was  one of the longest days that we’ve worked but SO worth it.

              We started by having comedian …

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