• Mar 17

    666 Thanks!


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there s-bags,

      In case you didn’t know, the pictures from Saturday’s event are now up on the “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” Flickr account. (If you’re too lazy to search the site that you’re currently reading this on and find the link, you can find your pictures HERE! Special thanks to Tony Rage for being our photographer for the night and for the quick turnaround!)

      I know that Tom and I thanked all of you …

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    • Mar 06

      Show #304 – Dead Man’s Pipes


      Annoy Your Friends


        Thanks to all of you for joining us live and very special thanks to all of you that download. We know that we have the best listeners in the world. Bet me. No seriously. Bet me. I’ll win.

        For those of you that want to help us out with something – and we never ask you for anything – we’re up for 2 awards for the 2015 Podcast Awards. We’re up for both “People’s Choice” and “Best Comedy” podcast and we would love …

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      • Feb 28

        6(6)6 Year Anniversary is Coming!


        Annoy Your Friends


          Add yourself to the Official Facebook page HERE!

          Dearest “Best Listeners in the World,”

          This year we celebrate the 6 year anniversary of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” Just as Satan fell out of good graces with God and was in turn banished to Hell – we too have fallen out of favor with mainstream media and we now reside, with all of you BDM’s, in our own personal “comedy hell.” How dramatic.

          With that said, we hope that you will …

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