• Apr 09

    BONUS SHOW: Felipe Esparza Interview


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      Thanks to Felipe Esparza and the Orlando Improv for setting up the interview today! We’ve been very lucky to get such great comics in the studio and the best part is that we actually get some time with them! Allow me to explain – Back in the day, when Tom and I only did radio, having a touring comic LIVE in the studio was really never a big deal. We knew that more than likely they would get in the …

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    • Apr 07

      THANKS – “T&D Helping Allstars” & Vegas Trip


      Annoy Your Friends


        Hey there folks! 

        Super sorry about bailing on the show notes for the last show. We’ve been burning the candle at both ends so much lately – we really didn’t have time last Friday to write a proper version of notes because we had to make our way as quickly as possible to the Orlando City Soccer Match. Apologies again. For those looking for the notes, here they are…

        On last week’s show:

        Bubba sitting in on the show!

        Pain …

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      • Apr 01

        666 – Remembered.


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