• Aug 06



    Annoy Your Friends

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      “Dan, Tom, and Comedian Godfrey!”

      Hey there gang!

      Apologies for this being a day later than usual. As most of you know, we had our charity foot-golf tournament yesterday and it couldn’t have been more fantastic! I’m sure we’ll talk more about it tomorrow so I’ll keep this brief and thanks to all of you who donated and supported. It was a wonderful day!

      On this week’s show:

      -Dan’s mom has a boyfriend

      -Ross’ trip to Washington D.C.

      -Potty train with diarrhea

      -Flat Earthers call …

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    • Jul 29



      Annoy Your Friends

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        Hey there gang!

        Tom and I hope that this message finds you all well on this beautiful Saturday morning. I’m doing my normal Saturday thing – watching Mai run around the living room on like a 9000 and I’m guzzling copious amounts of Diet Mountain Dew in a piss-poor attempt to wake up. It’s “The Dennis Way.” It’s sort of sad. Haha…

        So – we really can’t thank all of you enough for the responses that you gave to our first annual Tom …

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      • Jul 18

        Lee LIVE with “He Is Legend” and “To Speak of Wolves!”


        Annoy Your Friends


          Schuylar Croom of the band “He is Legend” – Sunday, July 16th – Backbooth – Orlando, Florida

          Gage Speas of the band “To Speak of Wolves” – Sunday, July 16th – Backbooth – Orlando, Florida

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        • Jul 15

          Show #427 – Seman Cereal Bowl


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hey there folks,

            Thanks to all of you for taking the time to hang out with us yesterday! I think we’re really getting the hang of this 360-cam stuff and it’s sort of fun to see the entire AMTStudio3 all at one time. I hope you guys are digging it and as time goes on, please know that we’ll try to make it better and better.

            So, our charity foot-golf tournament is coming up and we’re excited about all who are going to play …

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          • Jul 08

            Show #426 – Eat It Like a Vulture


            Annoy Your Friends


              Hey there gang!

              We hope that this show finds you well. I’m doing the normal; waking up and watching my daughter tear the house apart while I try to shove as much caffeine as humanly possible down the throat. Typical Dad stuff – you know.

              Thanks to all of you that joined us live yesterday on Facebook and with the 360 cam. There does seem to be an issue with our cam as of late and it looks like I’ve got a little …

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