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  • Jul 02

    Mediocre Toons #6


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Posted By dan on July 2 2014 | Comments (2)

    • Jun 30

      A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan – FAQ’s


      Annoy Your Friends

        Corporate Time Tom Dan Faqs

        A few questions that we’ve received that I figured I’d throw answers to:

        When will you be doing “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan?”

        “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” will be Wednesday nights directly after the Philips Phile (What a frigg’n lead in, right?) from 7pm-8pm on Real Radio 104.1FM in Orlando, Florida. You can also catch the replay on Saturday mornings at 10am for those of you that aren’t too keen on prime-time weeknight programing. We’re …

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        Posted By dan on June 30 2014 | Comments (4)

      • Jun 27

        Show #268 – S.I.D.S. Vicious


        Annoy Your Friends

          Show 268 S I D S Vicious

          Thanks to all of you for taking the time to either tune in to us live or download the show! We love you guys and we’re so glad to have you guys along for this “mediocre” ride. So by this time, most of you know that we’ve got a new show coming out on Real Radio 104.1. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE ANY OF OUR SHOWS AT ALL. Not at all. We can not say this enough. The idea of even …

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          Posted By dan on June 27 2014 | Comments (5)


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