• Jul 04

    Tom and Dan – “Tribute to America” at Baywash Bikini Carwash


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    • Jul 02

      Show #373 – Ticket FAIL


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        No show is going to be absolutely perfect and just when you think that you’ve hit your stride – “SH*T HAPPENS.” Although we know that many of you will enjoy today’s show – Tom and I were less than impressed. It was a perfect case of just trying to squeeze WAY too much into one show. We had Seth, we had guests, we had an Indian princess, we had a ticket challenge, we had emails, we had news, we had …

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      • Jun 28

        ALL NEW “Mediocre Toons!”


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          Tom and Dan Toons! – Season #3 – Episode #1 – “Pilot” 

          Tom and Dan Toons! – Season #3 – Episode #2 – “Billy Jean and Billy Dean” 

          Thanks to the amazing Swervey Jones for the NOW season 3 of “Mediocre Toons!” Can you believe it! You can start from the beginning and see all of them by using the YouTube link at TomandDan.com – but here are the 2 latest episodes. We think …

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        • Jun 25

          Show #372 – Dr. Unky VS Erik Weber


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            Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.36.24 AM

            Hey there gang!

            Thanks to everyone who either caught the show LIVE yesterday on TomandDan.com or the new “Tom and Dan Mediocre App – and to all of you who download! I can honestly say that yesterday was one of the most fun days that we’ve had in a really, really, really long time! Now – with that said – it was  one of the longest days that we’ve worked but SO worth it.

            We started by having comedian …

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          • Jun 17

            Show #371 – Dances with Hose


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              Hey there kids…

              If you haven’t already done so – you might want to check out or interview with DeRay Davis. Dude was about as cool as it comes and HE BROUGHT BOTH OF HIS “FINE AS HELL” GIRLFRIENDS TO THE STUDIO! (Yeah – I typed that and I’m a 40 year old man…) Check that interview out. He and Justin Hires were two of the nicest comedians that we’ve met. Show them some love.

              Thanks to all of you for catching the show …

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