• Dec 11

    Show #344 – Indian Ball Foods


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there folks!

      Tom and I have been really working on the quality of the show and the new studio for the past couple of weeks and we’re more than excited for those of you that know the show to join us. We have a blast each week and we’re more than glad to have you with us! Thanks kids! Special thanks to this week’s special guest Duncan Jay for joining us today. To find more info about him, head …

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      Posted By dan on December 11 2015 | Comments (2)

    • Dec 09

      “State of the Studio:” Part Three


      Annoy Your Friends


        We promise that we’re still working on the studio!

        I know.

        We don’t talk about it that much and I’d be lying if I said that I don’t get emails from people who think that we’re already in there…but nope – still attempting to put all of the pieces together.

        So – here’s where we are now:

        Our carpet is currently being printed and we think that we’re going to get it by the 18th. After that, we’ll have it professionally …

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        Posted By dan on December 9 2015 | Comments (2)

      • Dec 04

        Show #343 – All Randy To Me


        Annoy Your Friends


          Yo! Happy “all-most Holidays” to you guys!

          We promise that we’re still working on the studio. We’re really trying to make it the finest broadcasting studio in all of the Central Florida area. Oddly enough, that’s not very hard to do! Not knocking where we broadcast “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” out of but it’s an f’n hell hole. (Oh…and spoiler alert. We have never and will never (maybe) do “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” from …

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          Posted By dan on December 4 2015 | Comments (1)

        • Nov 25

          Show #342 – Thanksgiving Spectacular


          Annoy Your Friends


            Thanks for hanging with us this week, kids. We know a lot of you are already on vacation but neither of us are massive fans of the whole “Best Of” deal. I’ll be honest and tell you that most any person who has ever “put together” “Best Of” knows – in their heart of hearts – that there is no such thing as that. Best Of. No such thing. Most people in radio just tell people that care even less …

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            Posted By dan on November 25 2015 | Comments (1)

          • Nov 22

            Thanks! – BABBF2


            Annoy Your Friends


              Tom did a great job of thanking all of you for hanging with us yesterday at the 2nd annual “Bad at Business Beerfest” but I thought it would be important to thank him.

              Bro puts his creativity, dedication, and hard work into attempting to plan some of the best FREE events that this town and the sounding areas have ever seen. We’re really trying to change the game – truly. So much in fact that I’m starting to see other …

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              Posted By dan on November 22 2015 | Comments (5)



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