• Aug 19

    BDM Member Time Lapse Video – Summer 2014


    Annoy Your Friends

      I’m really sorry that it took me so long to get this posted. In the near future, we’re really going to make an effort to ensure that we get web content out in a bit more of a timely basis. We’re all busy (yes…I’m including you guys in there too. Hell, a good deal of you are busier than we are and we’re f’n slammed!) We all know how it is. You have the best intentions of …

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    • Aug 15

      Show #275 – Pablo Francisco – 3 HOUR SHOW!


      Annoy Your Friends

        Show 275 Pablo Francisco 3 Hour Show

        We’re going to apologize right now for the length of the show. Many of you have said that you want the longest show possible but we actually try to make all of them around 2 hours – tops! The problem with mandating something like that is that you seem to suck out all of the spontaneity that you might get in just letting the show go where it wants to go. Take today, for example; today’s show was already off …

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      • Aug 11

        Shart Week 2014 – 2 Hour “BLOW OUT!”


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