• Dec 23

    Merry Christmas!


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      It’s that special time of year.



      That might as well just be any other day! I’m talking about the time of year when Tom and I sit down and put all of the details together for our “every 6-month BDM party!” Oh yeah! This one is going to be fantastic and Tom has literally been working on it for the last 3 months! (All BDM’s who signed up before Saturday, December 21st should have received an email invite detailing everything that’s going to …

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    • Dec 13

      Show #242 – Harry Fluman


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        Hey kids and thanks again for tuning into another “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” Friday FREE Show. Today was pretty f’n great these’s been so much going on lately, I’m almost surprised that we’ve even been able to put a frigg’n show together! Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that we have a brand new “Tom & Dan Straight Talk” for you, as well as a few guests up our sleeves.

        On today’s show:

        Bad @ Business

        Slender Man

        Wife Bullying

        Parody Songs

        “The Frog”

        Tom’s …

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      • Dec 11

        Welcome to “Fresh Balls!”


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          Use promo code “HOLIDAY” to get 20% off your “Fresh Balls” order.

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