• May 17

    Orlando Weekly 2014 Best Of 2014


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      It’s that time again!

      Many of you know that last year we did quite well in the 2013 Orlando Weekly’s Best of Orlando Issue. (We won Best Radio Show, Best Local Website, Best Local Public Facebook Feed, and Best Local Twitter Feed. Cool, huh?) We’d like to do just as well this year and that has everything to do with you! To me, there’s nothing more Orlando than two guys who call this place home and do their show locally …

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    • May 16

      Show #263- 5 Years!


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        On today’s show we celebrate Tom’s new baby boy Tommy and the fact that we’ve been doing this show for the past 5 years. I’m going to spare you the ultra long list of what we talked about but I will let you know that it was hella fun being back in the studio for the live show and we had Orlando’s own “The Sh-Booms” on to talk about soul and dating! Hahaha! We hope that all of you will …

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      • May 09

        Tom & Dan Select Cuts #1


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          Cute-Baby-Crying4 copy

          This week, Tom Vann – Dad Man – is currently enjoy the birth of his new little boy Tommy. In preparation because we had a great deal of time to plan, Tom (yes Tom!) put together a list of his favorite show moments from the past 5 years. Some are old. Some are “origin stories.” Some are bits that are just so dang good that you’ve got to keep listening to them over and over and over. Unlike what we used to …

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        • May 02

          Show #262 – Petruzelli’s Drill Press


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            Today might end up being the final show that Tom does with no baby. Contrary to what everyone else thinks, I think it’s going to be great and I wish them nothing but the best. Today was hell on the airwaves in the fact that we had a packed house, did emails and news, and our special guest Seth Petruzelli stopped by to tell us what he’s been doing since retiring from MMA.

            On today’s show:

            Caesar in an SOB

            Country Bear Jamboree



            Blind Wipers


            Breast Feeding

            Dan’s …

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          • Apr 28

            Mediocre Toon #4


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