• Feb 18

    Show #251 – Kid The Traveler


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Sorry I’m a little late in posting this. Words can not describe how bus Tom and I have been lately. All good stuff. But apologies.

      This week we were lucky enough to get to hang with our old friends Chad and Kid The Traveler. (Some of you might remember him as Kid Famous but greeted with the idea that the world was filled with far too many “Kid Famous’” he decided to change his name. We agree with this change but there’s just …

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    • Feb 07

      Show #250 – Black Ranger Fish


      Annoy Your Friends


        Thanks to everyone for listening and we can’t say enough how freaking happy we are to be back in the “A Mediocre Time” studio. I’m super sick and Tom’s got more than enough on his plate with the impending baby and everything. Nothing is more comfortable then actually being home, in the studio, and feeling how we del best! Thanks to all of you that tuned in live. It means more than you know. Seriously. And #BDM Members, please give us a …

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      • Feb 01

        Show #249 – T&D do San Fran!


        Annoy Your Friends


          We’re very lucky. Well, we’re lucky in the sense that we don’t mind working. Or maybe we’re lucky in the sense that we just happen to really enjoy working together and it was some sort of odd “Miami meets DeLand” cosmic asteroid explosion (We assure you that there is no such thing as that.) that pulled the two of us together. I guess what I’m trying to say is that in the past year, we have both busted our asses in an …

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