• Feb 07

    Show #250 – Black Ranger Fish


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to everyone for listening and we can’t say enough how freaking happy we are to be back in the “A Mediocre Time” studio. I’m super sick and Tom’s got more than enough on his plate with the impending baby and everything. Nothing is more comfortable then actually being home, in the studio, and feeling how we del best! Thanks to all of you that tuned in live. It means more than you know. Seriously. And #BDM Members, please give us a …

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      Posted By dan on February 7 2014 | Comments (0)

    • Feb 01

      Show #249 – T&D do San Fran!


      Annoy Your Friends


        We’re very lucky. Well, we’re lucky in the sense that we don’t mind working. Or maybe we’re lucky in the sense that we just happen to really enjoy working together and it was some sort of odd “Miami meets DeLand” cosmic asteroid explosion (We assure you that there is no such thing as that.) that pulled the two of us together. I guess what I’m trying to say is that in the past year, we have both busted our asses in an …

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        Posted By dan on February 1 2014 | Comments (9)

      • Jan 22

        Show #248 – If You’ve Got The Time…


        Annoy Your Friends


          Hey there guys.

          We know it’s going to catch a lot of you guys off guard that we’re broadcasting on a Wednesday but we’ve got to do that so Tom can get the hell to Colorado for vacation and hang with his friends! Also, as soon as he get’s back we’ll be getting right back plane and heading to California to watch ourselves lose the 2013 Stitcher Awards. So there’s that.

          Thanks to all of you that joined us live today and thanks to …

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          Posted By dan on January 22 2014 | Comments (3)

        • Jan 20

          We’re Hiring! / “As Dreamers Do”


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hey there folks!

            Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Nashville, Tennessee and all of the fine folks that we met here. We do not have enough thanks for our friends creating the “As Dreamers Do” movie and the fact that they thought we’d be the perfect kind of guys to play gentlemen who sit around barbershops all day sipping out of flasks. Go figure. (Speaking of which, I’m pretty excited to get home and get myself a fresh haircut. Minus the flask.) …

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            Posted By dan on January 20 2014 | Comments (10)

          • Jan 17

            Show #247 – T&D Visit Philadelphia


            Annoy Your Friends


              Hey there kids!

              We’re in Philly!

              We’re hanging out of the MLS (Major League Soccer) SuperDraft and having a great time sans the fact that we both have the flu and we’re almost dead. We haven’t been drinking at all and all we’ve been doing is working and sleeping. Sounds great, huh? We’re sorry that this show is a little bit late in being posted but we were busy most of the day with some pretty exciting soccer stuff and also needed enough time …

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              Posted By dan on January 17 2014 | Comments (1)



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