• Jul 12

    Show #220 – Seth Petruzelli (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      07Kimbo vs Petruzelli

      First and for most, thanks so much to our good friend Seth Petruzelli for stopping by and talking to us about his career and the fact that he is now retiring. I can tell you 100% that it can be really, really, really hard when you have to stop something that you love but there are times when it’s the correct thing to do. Today was one of his first interviews since losing his last big fight and since announcing his retirement. …

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    • Jul 05

      Show #219 – I Can Tell By Your Nipples. (Show Recap…)


      Annoy Your Friends

        Baby Bottle T&D


        What can we say? Happy birthday America! And we chose to do absolutely nothing about it. In fact, I don’t even think that we mentioned July 4th one time. Well, maybe. But not much. Just listen to the show and we’re virtually certain that you’ll dig it. We had a packed house, lots of fun, and truthfully, I’m far too tired to write a full explanation of what we did today. Hell…I don’t even know what we did today. It was insane.

        Thanks …

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      • Jul 04

        Tom and Dan Short #7 – Squid Wall.


        Annoy Your Friends

          The 7th in a series of super bad Photoshop combined with edits from pictures of the Tom and Dan in their studio. Through the power of the “modern computer” we will bring you to the show and not only let you hear it…but let you SEE it like you’ve never seen it before! Tom & Dan love the fishes.


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        • Jul 03

          The Orlando Weekly Best Of 2013 Voting…


          Annoy Your Friends


            It’s pretty rare that we ever ask you guys to do anything…

            Unless you want to count the fact that we ask you to subscribe and makes us rich so we can keep the studio running and keep adding floors to my mansion. (Don’t count that stuff. That’s a need. What I’m about to ask for is NOT a need but more of a want. More of just one of those things that makes us smile. You do want us to smile, right?)

            The …

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          • Jul 02

            Tom & Dan in Chicago: Part 1


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