• Aug 24

    Matthew Fowler – “Beginners” – LIVE in the T&D Studio


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      Do Matthew a solid and make sure that you head over to BandCamp and grab his entire album for FREE! Yep. In a world where nothing can really be thrown into that category, this young, starving artist is more than willing to “starve” a bit more by giving you his creativity for free. Wait…that sounds a hell of a lot like a certain podcast that I might know a thing or two about…


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    • Aug 22

      Matt Knows Football: T&D Fantasy Football Special.


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        We’ve got a bonus show for you “scumbags” that was just recorded a few hours ago! Tom set it up so we could talk “Fantasy Football” with our buddy Matt from The SBK LIVE Show. (If you haven’t heard them, do yourself a favor and head over to iTunes and check them out. They’re great friends of ours and have supported us from day 1!) On this 1 hour bonus show, we chat about football, what Matt has been doing since leaving …

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      • Aug 19

        Fantasy Football with Caddy Shanks!


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          Caddy T&D

          CaddyShanks Virtual Golf & Sports Pub and Tom & Dan present:
          A Mediocre Fantasy Football League
          Win a chance to play with your favorite podcast personalities and members of the Caddy Crew.
          Only 40 Spots available (plus 10 alternate spots)!
          Draft Night: Thursday August 29th
          at CaddyShanks Virtual Golf & Sports Pub; 4882 New Broad St. Orlando, FL
          Two leagues will draft at 7 PM, Two leagues will draft at 9:30 pm.
          For your chance at a spot, like both Facebook pages …

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