• Nov 25

    Thanks to ALL of the “Mediocre Minds” that came out!


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      Posted By dan on November 25 2013 | Comments (5)

    • Nov 22

      Show #239 – Sweatpants and Your Wife’s Sister


      Annoy Your Friends


        Thanks to everyone for tuning in today. It’s the eve of our biggest event of the year and I really don’t feel like typing more than just what we talked about today. Why? Well…let’s see…Tom and I have been working our butts off all week to make sure that we all have a fantastic event. I’ve also got a brand new Xbox One up on the 17th floor with my name on it and I really want to check that out and …

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      • Nov 20

        Wiki-Snootsgiving: Real Man Fest 2013 OR “Everything that you should need to know!”


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          Updated Parking Map

          • Where are you going to park, you say? This handy map will always be on TomandDan.com so you know where to go. There’s plenty of parking in the “areas marked in yellow” and per most of our events, we recommend that you “scumbags” car pool to make things a little easier. Also…don’t forget that designated driver! (Tom and Dan just use their wives. They love it! Trust us!)
          • Everything kicks off at 7pm with the traditional “Tom & Dan give out …
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        • Nov 18

          BDM Private Party!


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        • Nov 15

          Show #238 – Jeff Howell


          Annoy Your Friends

            Jeff Howell copy

            It’s been a really, really, really long time of trying to get him him…but this week…we finally were able to get the legendary Jeff Howell on the show!

            That’s not true.

            We didn’t ask him and I can’t really remember why we didn’t other than it was just a massive over site on our part and for that we are sorry. Jeff’s name has popped up quite a few times as a guest and for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. I’m not really …

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