• Oct 31

    BDM – T & D’s Psychic Extravaganza


    Annoy Your Friends


      We decided to do something a little bit special for all of you BDM Members for Halloween! I mean, why not? You guys take the time to subscribe and support our show…the least that we can do is to get off of our fat asses and try to do something for you that odd and creative. Tom had the idea a while ago that he wanted to do a psychic reading with both of us for a Halloween BDM show. You wouldn’t …

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    • Oct 30

      Snootsgiving 2013: Real Man Fest!


      Annoy Your Friends

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      • Oct 27

        BDM’s are everywhere!


        Annoy Your Friends


          Last night, the wife and I went out to see our friend Lee who was having a little “I’m back in town” gathering over at “The Sloppy Taco Palace.” Many of you guys might remember him from the Quarry when he was known as “British Lee” and from a couple of our podcasts that he participated in. (Fantastically creative name, huh? We always laughed about that. British Lee? What the F? Based on that I guess I’m “Florida Dan.”) Welcome back buddy; …

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        • Oct 25

          Show #235 – Dan’s Casting Couch


          Annoy Your Friends


            Thanks so much for downloading and checking in with the show. Once again, we’ve been trying to keep all of our shows right at the 1 hour 30-45 minute mark but we missed the mark. So…you get another super sized “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” I think today we went about 2 hours and some change but we had guests, cool things for you to do, emails, and news crazy!

            On roady’s show:

            Daniel’s Prostatitis

            College Advice


            The Tom & Dan hand signal

            Wash your …

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          • Oct 24

            All the info on #Snootsgiving 2013!


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