• Sep 13

    Show #229 – Tom’s Has Lips.


    Annoy Your Friends


      On today’s show:

      We call and check in with Samuel/Tuddle/Patrick

      Bo Jackson’s Hunger Games

      Moses Lawn – Dan’s Drag Queen Name

      Sword your butt-ass off


      A Call in from “Scumbag Chris” – Felonies don’t sound that bad in a British accent.


      Church Talk with Brandon

      Corgan or Anderson


      Carmen stops by!

      Thanks to everyone who subscribes and take the time to help support this show. We grow, and grow, and grow all because of you guys and the fact that you support us and keep the studio running. It means so …

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    • Sep 06

      Show #228 – My Handy-man’s Gay.


      Annoy Your Friends


        On today’s show:

        Tom eats in the heat at WaWa.

        The Gay Handyman

        Emails with Samantha

        The comedian that is Alex U

        Bob Saget is an alien.

        Dave Coolio

        Freddy Cougar – a dildo glove

        Stripper’s and Cobras

        Depressing Endings

        That’s about it. I’ve got to head to dinner and grab a little bit of dinner and whatnot. Thanks to Alex for stopping by and always love to Samantha and the man known as Ross. You guys are fantastic and did a great job with today’s show. Well done, kids!

        Thanks for downloading …

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      • Sep 04

        “Get Hammered with Tom & Dan” @ Johnny’s Other Side and Johnny’s Beer Shack!


        Annoy Your Friends

          T&D Johnny's Otherside

          September 14th, 2013 – Johnny’s Other Side

          This is as much a restaurant as it is a bar so for those of you that are our younger listeners should be just fine.

          The first EVER T&D Hammerschlagen game tournament!

          18 drafts and many of which are only 3 dollars.

          Come join Tom & Dan for the first ever Hammerschlagen and beer fun day where we just sit around and kick it at one of the best and most legendary bars in town! For those …

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        • Aug 31

          Show #227 – Burt Wilson and Porn.


          Annoy Your Friends

            Burt Wilson AMT

            Nothing could have made me happier than to decide that I was going to dedicate as much time as possible to “A Mediocre Time” and with that, most everyone knows that I resigned from “The Quarry” at the beginning of this year. (Let’s just be honest…I was pulled off the air last November for God knows what reason…but technically I should have worked until December 31st 2012. Just a little fun fact…it’s cool bro.) I won’t kid you either. It was scary …

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          • Aug 27

            InstaTomandDan for 8-27-13


            Annoy Your Friends

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