• Nov 18

    BDM Private Party!


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    Posted By dan on November 18 2013 | Comments (54)

  • Nov 15

    Show #238 – Jeff Howell


    Annoy Your Friends

      Jeff Howell copy

      It’s been a really, really, really long time of trying to get him him…but this week…we finally were able to get the legendary Jeff Howell on the show!

      That’s not true.

      We didn’t ask him and I can’t really remember why we didn’t other than it was just a massive over site on our part and for that we are sorry. Jeff’s name has popped up quite a few times as a guest and for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. I’m not really …

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      Posted By dan on November 15 2013 | Comments (1)

    • Nov 11

      These guys print our merch: The Attack & “Record Store Day.”


      Annoy Your Friends

        Super talented guys and even nicer human beings. Here’s a little behind the scenes documentary of what they did for “Record Store Day.”

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        Posted By dan on November 11 2013 | Comments (1)

      • Nov 08

        Show #237 – Cannonball Fun.


        Annoy Your Friends


          Thanks so much for downloading today’s podcast! You guys are the best! This was one of the absolute most fun shows that we’ve done on a Friday in a really long time! Most of the time we take very little time to plan out everything that’s going to go on during the show BUT with that said, today’s show was a complete exception! No, no, no, no really! We actually planned out today’s show with tons of guests, new music (from D-Rugg), …

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          Posted By dan on November 8 2013 | Comments (1)

        • Nov 01

          Show #236 – Tom VS Ross


          Annoy Your Friends


            There’s really not much to say about today’s show other than the fact that it was an “All-Star” show. Not only did Tuddle stop by to hang with us but resident VO wizard and creative genius Dan Stone stopped by today to hang out for our Friday Free Show.

            Here’s a picture of Tom, Dan and me…with all of the plaques that we received from the Orlando Weekly for our multitude of awards.


            We’re fucking awesome.


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            Posted By dan on November 1 2013 | Comments (3)


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