• Aug 19

    Fantasy Football with Caddy Shanks!


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      Caddy T&D

      CaddyShanks Virtual Golf & Sports Pub and Tom & Dan present:
      A Mediocre Fantasy Football League
      Win a chance to play with your favorite podcast personalities and members of the Caddy Crew.
      Only 40 Spots available (plus 10 alternate spots)!
      Draft Night: Thursday August 29th
      at CaddyShanks Virtual Golf & Sports Pub; 4882 New Broad St. Orlando, FL
      Two leagues will draft at 7 PM, Two leagues will draft at 9:30 pm.
      For your chance at a spot, like both Facebook pages …

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    • Aug 09

      Show #224 – Tampon Window


      Annoy Your Friends

        tampon copy

        On today’s show:

        Teeth Talk

        Tom’s EXTREME nipple hair.

        Magician of fingering

        “The Long Saw”

        Peeping Tom

        Tom & Dan have a lot of people cry in front of them.

        Can you F a blow hole?

        A talk with Timmy.

        Emails with Samantha

        …simple and to the point.

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      • Aug 08

        Deli Fresh Threads


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          Deli Fresh Logo

          We love small businesses or when people have a dream of something that they’d like to accomplish and they just go for it. Hell, no one knows this any better than Tom and me with what we’ve attempted to create with “A Mediocre Time.” Some times, you’ve just got to go for it and remember that work doesn’t always have to be a grind; it’s possible for it to be fun and super rewarding. (Not sure if we’ve found that yet or …

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