• Jan 17

    Show #247 – T&D Visit Philadelphia


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there kids!

      We’re in Philly!

      We’re hanging out of the MLS (Major League Soccer) SuperDraft and having a great time sans the fact that we both have the flu and we’re almost dead. We haven’t been drinking at all and all we’ve been doing is working and sleeping. Sounds great, huh? We’re sorry that this show is a little bit late in being posted but we were busy most of the day with some pretty exciting soccer stuff and also needed enough time …

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    • Jan 14

      T&D UPDATE – 1-14-14


      Annoy Your Friends

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      • Jan 10

        Show #246 – Black Bottle Boys


        Annoy Your Friends


          Thanks to all of you that have been voting for us for the 2013 Stitcher Awards. We really, really, really appreciate it. It means more than you know…truly. It was FANTASTIC to have Ross back on the show this week. (Samantha is always great. Big ol’ tits.) We miss that dude and we’re glad that he had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. Keep voting, people! We’re so close to losing this thing…come on people…we’re going to lose this thing so bad! …

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        • Jan 03

          Show #245 – Snoop Dog Wienermobile


          Annoy Your Friends


            Lots going on…lots going on…lots going on…lots going on…

            Don’t forget to vote for us for “Best Comedy Show” for the 2013 Stitcher Awards.

            Here’s the link –  stitcher.promotw.com

            That’s it.

            On today’s show:

            Stitcher Awards

            “Down with the Golden Gate Bridge.”

            Tom has “pregnancy brain.”

            Swedish Potatoes

            Magic Man Calls In

            Taking advantage of minorities

            Crazy side effects

            Crazy Train Charity

            Snoop Dogg in a Wienermobile

            Update with Scumbag Chris

            Dolphins get high on Puffer Fish

            Awesomeness Autism

            Tom and Dan Movie

            Atrocities of a port-o-let

            Thanks for listening folks! We’ll see you next week. (BDM Members…we’ll see you on …

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          • Jan 02

            The 2013 Stitcher Awards: UPDATE!!!


            Annoy Your Friends

              Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.37.06 PM

              First things FIRST – HERE’S THE LINK TO VOTE! -> stitcher.promotw.com

              The other day we Tweeted that we had some really big news regarding the show and that we would be sharing this news with you later in the week. It wasn’t meant as a tease or anything like that. Truly. We were actually told to keep or mouths shut about it and so we did. But since they’re now Tweeting about it openly, we have a good feeling that it’s fair game. …

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