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  • Nov 03

    Show #184 – “The Tom and Dan Spooktacular.” (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Show 184 The Tom Dan Spooktacular Show Recap

      So…for those of you that thought we didn’t do a show this week…we did. We just had to sneak it in because we had an abbreviated “quarry” week. Tom was heading off to the Bahamas for a little shark diving and I’m stuck here in this hell hole writing a few papers for my college classes. (FML…) We really had great plans for you guys and we were going to pull out all of the stops to provide you with the best …

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      Posted By dan on November 3 2012 | Comments (0)

    • Oct 29

      A new version of the “MediocreApp” for Android


      Annoy Your Friends

        Version Mediocreapp Android

        Hey there kids…

        So you’re wanting the latest version of the “MediocreApp” for Android, huh? Well…here it is…have at it and test the hell out of this for us, please. Let me warn you though so you guys don’t freak out…if you install this…it IS going to replace the version that you use now for the LIVE STREAM. Feel free to install both…but this version is purely to test the Mediocre Archive library. Cool? We would love to get your feedback…but at the …

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        Posted By dan on October 29 2012 | Comments (7)

      • Oct 26

        Show #183 – Swamp Thing (Show Recap…)


        Annoy Your Friends


          We have a completely EXTRA loaded show for you guys today! In case you were wondering about our awesome friend, Tiffany Martin from the band “Dollface“, well…we’ve got the scope! Make sure and listen to the first hour of the show completely dedicated to #AMT’s greatest guest EVER! (This was decided over many, many beers and many events where Tiffany helped us out. She’s truly a wonderful person…friend for life!) Please support her: @TiffWorld  on Twitter and HERE on Facebook. …

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          Posted By dan on October 26 2012 | Comments (71)


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