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  • Nov 11

    We’ve got issues.


    Annoy Your Friends


      Quite a few of you have emailed us and said that there’s an issue with the site and the fact that you can’t seem to find Show #185 on the above “Tom and Dan player.” Yep…we know there’s an issue and we’re working on it. We’re super sorry for the problem and we’re doing our best to get it corrected as soon as possible. For some reason, the newest show is not showing up in iTunes and on our player. This HAS …

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      Posted By dan on November 11 2012 | Comments (6)

    • Nov 09

      Show #185 – PeePee Batman (Show Recap…)


      Annoy Your Friends

        Show 185 Peepee Batman Show Recap

        Today was an odd day. We knew that we were going to have @TiffWorld (Tiffany Martin) from the band Dollface and @TonyRage (Tony Rage) from the band A Dying Regime. There was really nothing planned but it was a hell fun show. Thanks to both of the guy for coming in…we love you cats…you’re the best.

        On today’s show:

        Tony Rage

        Tiffany Martin

        House Arrest Chris Calls

        Snootsgiving – Free Beer

        “Old Enough to pee…#Snootsgiving”

        Tiff in Vegas

        PeePee Batman

        D-Rugg’s “Beat That Movie Down”

        Pinky the porn star

        “Act like a service …

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        Posted By dan on November 9 2012 | Comments (8)

      • Nov 08

        #Snootsgiving 2: The Reggae BBQ


        Annoy Your Friends

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          Posted By dan on November 8 2012 | Comments (2)


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