• Feb 20

    Snoots fishing with Jay. (The Mayor of Boston.)


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    • Feb 19

      “MediocreApp” Android ver. 1.02


      Annoy Your Friends

        Android Graphic (small)

        Here’s an update for the Android “MediocreApp.” You guys know what to do, and remember…

        If you want to help out…you’re going to have to do a little better than just posting in random Facebook feeds and Twitter messages. Joe is a busy cat so if you’re really going to help out if you find an issue or bug, you’re going to have to reach out to specifically.

        Here’s the best methods (in order) –





        CLICK HERE!



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      • Feb 16

        You were great last night, baby!


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          Ping Pong Jam

          You guys never cease to amaze us. Truly.

          When we decided to test the waters for a little beer and ping-pong party at Caddy Shanks, we had no idea how many of you guys would want to come out and hang. The turnout was fantastic and obviously the bar was thrilled. So much in fact that they want to do it again with some “wicked good” beer specials. (Their words, not mine…) So it looks like we’ll be doing it again with more …

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        • Feb 15

          Show #199 – Just Horse’n Around. (Show Recap…)


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            Horsing Around

            So it’s Tom’s birthday so we take the time to throw him one hell of a “birthday show.” And by one hell of a birthday show we mean “just a regular show.” Tonight we’ve got a little gathering at Caddy Shanks in Baldwin Park and we’re going to play a little ping-pong and hang out with you guys to celebrate almost 200 shows and Tom’s 31st birthday! Happy birthday buddy! We hope you have a good one!

            On today show:

            Tom’s Birthday

            Park Ranger Deadbeat …

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          • Feb 13

            Tom and Dan Shorts #5: It’s a fluke!


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