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  • Aug 17

    Show #173 – Putin Breaks Kid’s Arms! (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Show 173 Putin Breaks Kids Arms Show Recap

      Hi there and welcome to Show #173 of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!” Tom was having more car issues so today’s show was a quirky but a goodie. Thanks to Ross and Samantha for stopping by and hanging out with us. (Samantha smells better than Ross who drove his motorcycle to the show today in a Florida storm and got soaking wet. Nice job, Ross!)

      On today’s show:

      Tom’s car troubles

      Sleep masks

      Swingers Clubs

      Samantha the Quarry Intern

      “Always Expect the Worst!” – Tom

      Candy Fun …

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      Posted By dan on August 17 2012 | Comments (8)

    • Aug 16

      We Want YOU!!!


      Annoy Your Friends

        Read More!

        Posted By dan on August 16 2012 | Comments (3)

      • Aug 09

        Show #172 – Scoop Froggy Frog (Show Recap…)


        Annoy Your Friends

          Show 172 Scoop Froggy Frog Show Recap

          You might have noticed that we named today’s show “Scoop Froggy Frog” and that has everything to do with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Thanks very much to Jeremiah’s and all of their staff for sending over some of their World Famous ices for us to try. (Scoop Froggy Frog happens to be my wife’s favorite so trust me when I tell you that you’ve made her a very happy gal…) If you “scumbags” haven’t been there well then do us one solid and …

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          Posted By dan on August 9 2012 | Comments (4)


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