• Jan 03

    Tom and Dan Shorts #1: Is that you Mom?


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Posted By dan on January 3 2013 | Comments (6)

    • Jan 01

      Happy Snoots Year BDM’s! (BDM Show Recap…)


      Annoy Your Friends

        "Ross makes great kids."


        A very special thanks to all of you that are already #BDM’s. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, have you been living under a rock? We’re talking about the “Big Dick Millionaire” Premium Membership program where you actually get two extra shows a week on Tuesdays. One is a re-released “Old School” show and the other is a little something brand new. Your membership keeps the studio running. Seriously.) Today we present you with a brands new “Tom and Dan …

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      • Dec 31

        Happy Snoots Year!!!


        Annoy Your Friends

          New Years 2013 (small)

          What can I really say about this year that’s not already in the form of a cliche or some other shit that you’re going to read all over Facebook and Twitter for the next 24 hours. Personally I would like to say that I thought this year was pretty shitty but I learned a lot about people and about myself. I keep those that are close to me very, very close and I’ll be a much more wise and guarded person in …

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        • Dec 28

          Show #192 – The Dr. says “Nothings Wrong.” (Show Recap…)


          Annoy Your Friends

            Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat


            Thanks to all of the new #BDM for signing up and checking out the Tuesday NEW and Re-releases. We hope that you’re really, really enjoying it…we’ve been having a great time and things seriously couldn’t be better. We’ve been having a blast! If you’re not already a #BDM member, be sure that you check out the “Registration” page at TomandDan.com. Here’s a link: CLICK HERE.

            On today’s show:

            Bohemian Grove

            Bus Riding

            Diarrhea on a bus = Hell on earth

            Premium New Years Show

            Griz Blood Shirt


            Turnpike-ing a …

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          • Dec 27

            Tom’s uses wife’s x-mas present…head explodes!


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