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  • Dec 07

    SHOW #189 – B-HOLE RAMBO! (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Show 189 B Hole Rambo Show Recap


      These cats tell me I have something in my teeth…

      It was really good to get back to the reason that Tom and I started doing this; the ability to just sit and shoot it and make each other laugh. We can all be honest and say that the week before everyone knew that there was a massive pick elephant in the room and we were obviously not at liberty to discuss it. That’s cool. You can only dwell in that much negativity …

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      Posted By dan on December 7 2012 | Comments (18)

    • Dec 04

      Tom and Dan – “Boat-Cast” THE LOST PHOTOS!


      Annoy Your Friends

        Tom Dan Boat Cast Lost Photos

        So a lot of you “BDM’s” have been asking about some of the photos that go along with the Tom and Dan”Boat-Cast” that we released today. Sorry about that…we put a few pictures up there but there were others that seemed to get lost on Dan’s wife’s phone…let’s begin:

        This is from the part of the show when Dan was convinced that their boat was being run down by a a Middle Eastern, burn victim with a blond ponytail who had two lesbians …

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        Posted By dan on December 4 2012 | Comments (23)

      • Dec 03

        Tom and Dan – “Boat-Cast” (Show Recap…)


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        Posted By dan on December 3 2012 | Comments (19)


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